In Jesus name,

We know your here with us O God, we delight in you, we seek you, we ask you…. We claim the power of the Holy Spirit over Mark to heal him, bless him, and surround him with divine favor today. You say when we seek you, we find you, and to trust you in all of our ways and acknowledge you in all we do and you will direct our steps. Have your way with Mark now Holy Spirit, heal him, encourage him, comfort his soul that you would get all the glory due to your name. Thank you for listening, hearing, and paying attention to us. Amen.

Inspired by Keith Crandell 4/23/23


Sense of Humor

Here’s a pic(below)of humor today!

I thank you God for my super wifey (Carmen)for the funny sense of humor she always has and helps me see things in a much funnier way, your the best babe!

We pray for the Spirit of humor to reinstate over all marriages that we would see the fun, the laughter, and the humor in marriage and forget about all the other stressful stuff, in Jesus name.


In Jesus Name,

We pray for your presence Holy Spirit to rush over our marriage today that mega love would resinate out of it, and be consumed with the kind hope that does not let you down or disappoint you. Let love flush out the disappointments, the resentments, and all the bad moments. May every season be filled with the divine activity we all need so much in Marriage.

Thank you God for paying attention to us, listening to us, and of course actually hearing us. Your amazing, above and beyond the nature or this world we live in, thank you!

May God consume every Marriage, in all seasons, and his glory be over the earth.

Inspired by Keith Crandell


1Pe 4:6 For this reason the gospel was also preached to those who are now dead, so that, although they might be judged in the flesh according to human standards, but they might live in the spirit according to God’s standards

In Jesus Name,

I rush to You in the attitude of gratitude, in humility, and in the hope of the Holy Spirit. Help us cling to you today O God.

May our spirits be open to the movement of your presence wherever we go that your standards be recognized, upheld, and honored, knowing without a doubt where we stand with you…. Forgiven by the sacrifice of Christ, trusting in the understanding of Your will, not ours , and knowing all things work together for those who love you.

I pray for all marriages across the world today, including my own, that we would have new and fresh encounters of Your presence. Let us cherish these moments, be consume by them, remember them, take pictures of them, own them, celebrate them.

Let’s celebrate marriage in Christ, He is our 3rd person in our marriage, He  grounds us, advocates for us, and binds us into One. No explanation for that, I believe it though, do you? I dare you to, if you do not.

Thank you Father for paying attention, for listening, and for hearing my prayer!

My Rock, My Redeemer, My Rescue.                                                                                                  You are the Best, better than all the rest.                                                                                        May God consume us and His glory be over all the earth.

Inspired /Written by Keith Crandell —-10/15/17



The other day I ran into a friend, hadn't talked to him or seen him in 7 years, next thing you know he is sharing with me that he has cancer, it was a shock!

He is going in for surgery on 7/28/17 so let's pray for him, healing, comfort, and no complications, no more cancer, and complete restoration of his human body,

Thank you for understanding our hearts in this hard time O God, we need you and ask you to delete this cancer from his body, in Jesus name, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Inspired and written by
Keith Crandell

Universal Prayerfire

In Jesus name,

We come to you Majesty,




Knowing you are the One and only True God. 

May your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. I pray there would be a conviction on the world that they would run to you, believe in you, and know you Jesus because they are forgiven with you. Help our hearts to be soften by the power of the Holy Spirit, reach down, give us a special touch of hope today O Father. We crave you! We need you! We love you!

Thank you for knowing us, teaching us, and guiding us in this dark world.

Inspired by Keith Crandell 5/27/17

Universal Prayerfire

In Jesus name,

I declare the sheild of favor over you, decree the strength of healing on you, and deliver the silence of peace in you, all for his glory.

May your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven! We trust you Father, no matter what.

Have your way Holy Spirit. Amen.

Inspired by Keith Crandell 


In Jesus name,

My God, your word is what we put our trust in, sharpen us according to your love, fill us according to your hope, and change our hearts according to your word that cuts us convicts us, and changes us.

We give praise, honor, and glory!

Let it be.


Revolutionary Prayer Ministry's photo.

In Jesus name,
All I need is you, I give You my time, talent, and treasure to worship You with everything I have. You are what I crave, desire, and need so desperately, I chase after you for the connection of my heart to yours, I need you, I crave you, I bless you! Let your presence be known here on earth, as it is in heaven and reveal to us the extraordinary everywhere we go.

Inspired by Keith Crandell 7/1/16

In Jesus name,

Thank you for your mercy, thank you for your blessing, and thank you for your divine favor O God , I am grateful for the extraordinary love you show everyday, every hour, every minute. I receive it, believe it and run with it.


Inspired by Keith Crandell

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