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We want you to have an experience with Soaking – Thursday 6:00 pm – November 4, 2010.   Your opportunity to experience an encounter with GOD; your opportunity to share with others this amazing experience.

Soaking is a time of waiting on GOD, listening to GOD, being in the FATHER’S love and resting in HIS presence.  This is an amazing form of prayer, and awesome way to hear from GOD.

Soaking is learning how to receive from GOD and understand what HE is actually saying to you.

Soaking is for people who are hungry and desperate for GOD.  This is a time to give GOD the control and let go of control ,no matter what happens.  It’s time to stop trying to figure everything out.  This is something you might not be used to, but the more you learn how to Soak , the more you learn HIS still small voice and the more you learn the freedom that comes with Soaking. The more hurt you are, the more you will run to HIM for help.  You are always safe in HIS presence. It‘s fun to be in HIS presence.

Soaking is a place to experience a real encounter with GOD, and a place to encamp in freedom. LISTEN even though you might not understand everything going on right now, Trust GOD,  see where HE takes you and hear HIS still small voice speak to you , in ways you never heard before  (Proverbs 3:5-6)  The more hungry and desperate you are, the more GOD wants to fill you up with the overflow of HIS anointing and the very present help we all need so desperately.

Our prayer for you is that you receive a new and fresh impartation of the HOLY SPIRIT and that you would have a real encounter of HIS still small voice and understand this amazing movement of revelation called “Soaking“.

Here @ The Tree in the Sanctuary – please bring a pillow and a blanket .


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