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Zeke Newbery

In Jesus name,
Father in heaven, you are the everything we need, in our time of need, your presence moves our hearts to understand, believe, and receive your hope that heals our hearts, and you are greatly filled with divine power to extinguish the flaming darts of the enemy.

Our hearts go out to Zeke ( Derek and Courtney Newbery’s son). They found out today, he has a growth on his brain through an MRI, Derek and Zeke have taken the life flight to Ft. Lauderdale Hospital.
The Doctor will drain the fluid, assess what they need to do, and figure out what steps to take next.

We stand together as One to pray for Zeke, that the Lord would sustain his life and restore him back to great health.
By the power of the Holy Spirit we declare, decree, and deliver the promises of scripture over Zeke, knowing that You have him in the palm of your hands, surrounding him with majestic angels from above, and releasing perfect peace into his heart, healing into his body, and grace into his soul.

Thank you our heavenly Healer for always understanding, always listening, and always hearing our prayers.
Thank you for each person in the midst of this event, helping Zeke get through this hard time.
Thank you for Zeke, what a good boy!

May God consume you and
his glory rest over all the earth.

Keith Crandell


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