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We would like to invite you to pray with RPM, follow Jesus Christ, and encounter heaven on earth.

  • if you have a heart to pray?
  • if you desire to learn about prayer?
  • if you desire peace that surpasses your own mind?
  • if you believe we can encounter Heaven on Earth?
  • if you are hungry and desperate for God , Jesus Christ , and the Holy Spirit?

RPM is for you.

This is your oppurtunity to encamp , encounter , and experience what prayer is all about.

RPM ‘s  vision  is to see:

  • lives changed through the power of prayer
  • hearts fixed through the power of prayer
  • bodies healed through the power of prayer
  • souls saved through the power of prayer.

the LORD says:

My house shall be called a house of prayer.
call to Me,
I will answer you.
I will rescue you,
I will heal you,
I will fix you,
I will change you, and
I will make you just like Me.

if you are a Christian…you have been called to pray , yes you have been called to pray.

the main purpose of praying is to communicate with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
when we pray we actually connect to Heaven on Earth…how wonderful is that!

  • prayer is simply conversation with God Almighty
  • prayer is an open line to Heaven 
  • prayer is a huge piece of machinary in life ,
  • prayer is as important to the mind, as oxygen is to the body
  • prayer is service .. .yes, service work for the Kingdom  of God.

lots of things  can happen with prayer … here are just five:

  1. God can fix what is broken 
  2. God can save what is lost 
  3. God can heal what is infected
  4. God can turn the impossible into possible
  5. God can make a way,where there seems to be no other way .

if you are reading this right now, GOD has called you to pray!

  • I would like to challenge you to start praying if you don’t pray
  • I would like to challenge you to ask the Lord, teach me  to pray 
  • I would like to challenge you to read all the prayers in the Bible
  • I would like to challenge you to give some time to our Lord, and
    have a simple intimate conversation with Him.

I would like to invite you to join us, we need you.

It’s time to pray, worship, and soak in His presense. 

  • His presense is where we belong
  • His presense is where we find Him 
  • His presense is found when we pray 
  • His presense is where we want to stay.

try it, you might like it.
I dare you.

May God invade us and
his glory rest over all the earth.

Keith Crandell


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