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In Jesus name ,

Thank you for my wife, thank you for her commitment, thank you for her love, thank you for all those things we do not always see her doing or even know she’s doing, I am grateful for her and appreciate all she does.

I pray for her, she has been having severe headaches for about a month and a half now, O God you are our great healer, our Strong Tower, the one we run to and know we are safe, our Refuge to lean on, pray to, and put all our trust in to delete, diminish, and dismiss these headaches. Take care of this O Holy Spirit, make your mark on my wifey on earth as it is in heaven, Amen.                                                                                                                                                           

May God consume you and his glory be over all the earth.   Inspired by RPM Creator            Keith Crandell 2/27/16


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In Jesus name,

O God we seek you, craving you in all the areas we need you so desperately, we are hungry and thirsty for you. 

Through your love and power we pray the Spirit of healing on my Boss , Tom Cnossen. Out of no where he has throat and neck cancer, very alarming. We know what prayer can do in these uncomfortable situations so we call on you for divine healing, strength, and faith with Tom. We decree, declare, and deliver the supernatural power of your healing Word to him. No matter what, we trust you Father, we acknowledge you in all our ways, knowing you will guide us, direct us, and take care of us through it all.

Thank you for your healing presence, thank you your undivided attention, and thank you for the way you speak to our hearts. Your the Best, better than all the rest. Amen.

Inspired by RPM Creator            Keith Crandell

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