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“Believe to receive”

In Jesus name,

Hear our cry O Great and Awesome Father.

Your presence is what we need to separate us from this diverse, fallen world.

We cry out to you for this amazing country we live in, America, land of the free, home of the brave.

We stand firm and pray always, breaking the chains of evil attacking our country.
Bless the leaders of our country that there would be a sense of divine guidance with all the decisions being executed.

Bless our Military with protection, strength, and perfect peace, guiding them with strategic moves to take over the divine territory You own already.

Bless our children with grace and knowledge teaching them the spiritual understanding and wisdom of Jesus Christ.

Bless the Church with organization, revelation, and the Spirit of knowledge and understanding that we would be One praying, serving, and giving.
Thank you for mercy, thank you for grace, thank you for loving us first.

We are grateful.

Hear our Cry.
Under Grace,

Philippians 3:14

Keith Crandell


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Beleive to Receive 

In Jesus name, I declare goodness and hope in our country, trusting you, Father in heaven, believing all your promises, knowing you will crush satan under our feet.

You are the Author of life, your breathe fills our lungs, and your favor gives us grace undeserved. Help us become servants to those who are closest to us and to those who are in need. We are called by you, to be humble, kind, gracious servants of the Kingdom of God, teach us O Holy Spirit servant hood.

Thank you for your understanding, thank you that I can look to you and know you are there, thank you for these unexplainable times when we commune together, you are there every step of the way God.

I bow down to you and give praise and glory, due to your Name. 


May God be glorified. Luke 22:24-27

RPM Keith Crandell 5.3.15💒

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