O God, I pray for each Christian out there, going through something, not going through something, weather they are needing a blessing or are content where they are, I stand on your promises and pray for each one, bless their socks off today, give them the supernatural strength they need to overcome any obstacle, reach down, touch hearts everywhere. 

Remind us to hold fast to the hope we have everyday, without wobbling but standing firm, not shaken, pouring our hearts out to the Holy Spirit and trusting in You at all times.


Inspired by Keith Crandell


Universal Prayerfire

Universal Prayerfire/Life

In Jesus name

You are so good to us Heavenly Father, your divine atmosphere surrounds us daily while the power of your salvation consumes the world. How great you are, we give back to you today for the life and favor you surround us with! Thank you.

We decree, declare, and deliver the movement of your scripture on earth, as it is in heaven that there would be more and more evidence of the fullness of life you give to us, we break the chains of the evil one, crush the lies of him who destroys, and delete the murdering happening across the world with our people. 

We pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the understanding of the Presence, and the knowledge of His wisdom to know the difference. Let it happen O God for your glory, due to your Name, Name above all names.                 May God consume you and his glory be all over the earth .

Inspired by RPM Creator                        Keith Crandell                                        3/9/16

Universal Prayerfire / My Wifey


In Jesus name ,

Thank you for my wife, thank you for her commitment, thank you for her love, thank you for all those things we do not always see her doing or even know she’s doing, I am grateful for her and appreciate all she does.

I pray for her, she has been having severe headaches for about a month and a half now, O God you are our great healer, our Strong Tower, the one we run to and know we are safe, our Refuge to lean on, pray to, and put all our trust in to delete, diminish, and dismiss these headaches. Take care of this O Holy Spirit, make your mark on my wifey on earth as it is in heaven, Amen.                                                                                                                                                           

May God consume you and his glory be over all the earth.   Inspired by RPM Creator            Keith Crandell 2/27/16

In Jesus name,

O God we seek you, craving you in all the areas we need you so desperately, we are hungry and thirsty for you. 

Through your love and power we pray the Spirit of healing on my Boss , Tom Cnossen. Out of no where he has throat and neck cancer, very alarming. We know what prayer can do in these uncomfortable situations so we call on you for divine healing, strength, and faith with Tom. We decree, declare, and deliver the supernatural power of your healing Word to him. No matter what, we trust you Father, we acknowledge you in all our ways, knowing you will guide us, direct us, and take care of us through it all.

Thank you for your healing presence, thank you your undivided attention, and thank you for the way you speak to our hearts. Your the Best, better than all the rest. Amen.

Inspired by RPM Creator            Keith Crandell

Universal Prayerfire

In Jesus name,

Father in heaven, we pray to you, seeking your face, knowing you reward those who diligently chase after you and work hard. We appreciate all your rewards, favor, and grace you sufficiently give so freely.

Thank you for the way you operate in scripture, thank you for all the Jesus moments that are happening all around us and thank you for the power of prayer being released here. Your the Best, better than all the rest. We give you praise and honor due to your holy Name.


Inspired by RPM Creator               Keith Crandell

Universal Prayerfire

In Jesus name,

O Father in heaven, God of mercy and grace, you laid down your life to give us mercy and hope. You take pleasure in your people that worship you, bless you, and fear you.

We cry out for your mercy that endures forever and call on the Holy Spirit to wrap around us, comforting the depth of our souls, refreshing our hearts with kindness and peace, and remembering always to trust in you at all times, lean not on our own understanding, acknowledging you in all we do.

Thank you for your assurance, thank you for your understanding, and thank you for your mercy. We are humbled, grateful, and thankful. Let it happen O God.

Inspired by Keith Crandell 1/10/16

In Jesus name,

This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad. Let us not be conformed to the pattern of this fallen world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds, be refreshed through the anointing dwelling on us, and be awakened by the Word of God that is with us .

We are grateful for you Jesus, thankful for you O Holy Spirit, and blessed by you O God. Make us new and fresh today according to your Spirit , you are good to us.


Inspired by RPM Creator Keith Crandell 12-09-15

May God consume you and his glory be over all the earth.

Universal Prayerfire

In Jesus name,

We have overcome by the word of our testimony and by the blood of the Lamb. Father you are our successs, our forgiveness, and our oxygen in which we depend on to have victory in this fallen world.
Your presence is the air we need, your grace is the place we face, and your life is the one we crave.
Thank you for the air we breath, thank you for the place of grace, and thank you for the life we live.
Your the best, better than all the rest. Amen.

Inspired by RPM Creator                       Keith Crandell                                              May God bless you and his glory cover all the earth both now and forevermore.






In Jesus name,

Your mercies endure forever, your compassion never fails, and your greatness is from everlasting to everlasting.

We pray for your mercy with Bill’s friends Mother-in-law, who has stage 4 cancer, you know her name O God. We stand, shout, and declare that she would have much more time to spend here with her family, we extinguish and demolish the pain she is going through by the power of the Holy Spirit and we release the prophetic word of God healing to her, through her, and with her.

Thank you for listening and hearing our prayers, you get the glory due to your amazing Name, we worship you, we adore you, we honor you, we invite you to consume our hearts and fill that empty void only Jesus Christ can fill, Holy Spirit take over.                         Gracious, Heavenly, Merciful God, we need your mercy, have mercy on her. Amen.

May God bless you and His glory be over all the earth.                        

Inspired through RPM Creator Keith Crandell 6/21/17

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